t o t  t u m b l e 

Join us for our weekly Tot Tumbling series created for T U T T O by our Zumbini instructor Miss Molly.


In this class your child will be encouraged to direct their endless energy in an environment geared specifically for their age group! Our goal is to help your child reach developmental milestones by encouraging movement, balancing, jumping, group activities, and more!  


Pre-registration is required for this class.


Upcoming Classes
Open Gym
3&4 years old
5 - 6:30

*We highly recommend beginning with Intro to Tumbling before moving to the Advanced class.


Upcoming Classes:

Open Gym:

11/07 & 11/22

* Open gym classes with instructor

to assist.


Check out our NEW 2.5 year & under class!
t i n y  t u m b l e

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